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About us

Hello and welcome to the world of FIshPetsReptiles (FPR).

This Eheim Aquarium Parts Site is one of our FPR Family of sites, we have built our business from hard work and lots of research into the Eheim products as we have found from feedback this is what the customer need's and why they keep coming back to us for good service, trust and great knowlage goes along way.

We try to please by having large stocks and a quick dispatch time so you will get what you need quickly at a great price.

We are here to help and advise you on what you need to enjoy your hobby so give us a call 01530 263746 or email us on a reply we be sent as soon as someone is free and let FPR solve your problems.

Finally its always worth following us on Twitter has we put many of our best offers on there first and if limited stock is available we would hate you to miss out.

We would like to thank you for taking the trouble to visit our site and we hope you enjoy it.


Paul / Melanie & Team Ltd

Company No. 04270383

Registered Address Old Church Hall, High Sreet, Ibstock, LE67 6JQ

Telephone: 01530 263746 / Office 07495046223