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Eheim (2402) Aquarium Internal Filter Aquaball 130

Eheim (2402) Aquarium Internal Filter Aquaball 130

Eheim Internal Aquarium Filter Aquaball 130

  • Aquariums up to 130L / 6 watts  / Size 215 x 96mm / Includes Open Cell Foam / Adjustable output head

 Eheim filter media.

 EHEIM aquaball we offer you an award-winning* internal filter concept with all-round benefits  
The ball is the trick. The round pump head sits in a ball joint. This enables adjustment of the outflow direction as required. The flow rate is set by the output regulator. And the power-diffusor adjusts the air flow. 
Benefits of EHEIM aquaball
• all-round adjustable pumphead to direct the outflow as required
• fitted with power-diffusor for strong oxygen enrichment and a wide jet nozzle for natural surface water movement 
• modular construction 
- for customised filter volume as required 
- for cleaning at different intervals to preserve bacteria cultures
• Easy removal and return of filter baskets with Easy-Klick locking system 
• The filter baskets can be filled with different filter media
• Even water suction on all sides over almost the whole outside surface area
• The filter holders are secured to the glass with suction cups; the filter is easy to remove 
• Suitable for aquariums with light to moderate stocking (few fish 2-6 cm); for fresh or marine water
• Complete with original EHEIM Filter media and ready for use


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