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Eheim AquaStyle AquaCorner 60 Filter

Eheim AquaStyle AquaCorner 60 Filter

Eheim AquaStyle Aquarium Aquacorner 60 filter

  • 1 per pack
  • Aquastyle 16/24/35
  • Aquariums 10 to 60 litres
  • Mediabox for other media
  • Genuine Eheim Part

EHEIM AquaCorner 60 - With the EHEIM aquaCorner 60 you have an extremely small corner filter. It offers high performance and is cleverly constructed. 
AquaCorner had been developed especially for small aquariums (also nano aquariums). Because it is a corner filter, it takes up little space in the  aquarium. It simply hangs onto the glass. It fixes so close to the glass that no livestock can get trapped in the gap. Also its suction is tuned, so that small creatures (e.g. shrimps or fish) don’t get sucked in. aquaCorner can be easily flipped open. In the top there is a pre-filter – behind it a mediabox. It comes completely equipped with EHEIM filter media.

Benefits of EHEIM aquaCorner 60
• Corner internal filter for small aquariums (and nano aquariums) from 10 up to 60 l.
• Powerful, but with gentle suction (small creatures) 
• Easy to hang onto the glass
• Suitable for up to 5 mm glass thickness
• Filter easy to flip open
• Filter sponge as pre-filter integrated in the head
• Mediabox for bio-filter media, active carbon, phosphate remover etc.
• Dosing chamber for water treatments, fertiliser etc.
• Motor unit remains in tank during cleaning
• Comes completely equipped with original EHEIM filter media: filter pad and EHEIM SUBSTRATpro.


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