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Eheim Biopower 240 Internal Filter

Eheim Biopower 240 Internal Filter

Eheim Internal Filter Biopower 240

  • For aquariums 160-240 l / Flow rate 280 - 750 l/h / Filtermedia volume 68l / Power consumption 8 Watts / Delivery height max. 0,60 m / Measures Ø96 x 325 mm
  • A powerful Eheim filter for tanks with medium to higher load such as Lake Malawi cichlids, or bigger fish stocking

EHEIM biopower you have a high performance internal filter that has never before existed it has got its all-round rotatable pumphead.
The special thing about biopower is that it offers multi-layer filtration just like an external filter. The closed filter baskets are filled with highly efficient filter medial (e.g. SUBSTRATpro). The inlet basket with filter cartridge for the mechanical-biological prefiltration is located at the bottom. The water sucked in at the bottom is pumped to the top through the various filter  layers and after filtration directed back into the tank. 

Benefits of EHEIM biopower
• Multi-layer filtration just like an external filter
• Modular construction with closed filter baskets, filled with EHEIM  SUBSTRATpro; inlet basket with filter cartridge (Other filter media can also be used)
• Pumphead holder at the top with filter pad and cover grill
• All-round adjustable pumphead to direct the outflow as required
• Fitted with power-diffusor for strong oxygen enrichment and a wide jet nozzle for natural surface water movement 
• Easy removal and repositioning of filter baskets with Easy-Klick locking system 
• Suitable for aquariums with light to moderate stocking (Fish > 5 cm); for fresh or marine water 
• Complete with original EHEIM Filter media and ready for use


Internal filter using external filter technology

Eheim Spare Parts List


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