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Eheim Classic 250 2213 External Filter with SubstratPro

Eheim Classic 250 2213 External Filter with SubstratPro

Eheim Classic 250 2213 ExternaFilter.

Suitable for aquariums between 80 and 250 litres. This one Includes Media (substratpro etc) , Hoses and Taps

  • 2 year Guarantee

The Eheim Classic 250 (2213) is an external canister filter for aquariums from 80-250l and is supplied with biomedia and double taps. - Includes filter basket spray bar inlet pipe hose and installation accesories. - Permo-elastic silicon sealing ring fixed on the pump head for easy and safe closing after cleaning. - 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee. Technical Info... - Pump output approx. 440l/h. - Delivery head approx. 1.5m max. - Power consumption 8w. - Canister volume 3.5l - Filter volume 3l. - Hose diameter suction side 12/16mm Pressure side 12/16mm - 160mm Diameter x 355mm High.



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