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Eheim Classic 350 2215 Fine Pads 2616155

Eheim Classic 350 2215 Fine Pads 2616155

Eheim Classic 350 2215 Floss Pads

  • 3 fine foams per Pack
  • Replace every 8 weeks
  • Removes Fine Particles
  • Genuine Eheim Spare Parts

We recommend only using genuine Eheim spare parts in their range of Filters. These foams can be cleaned in aquarium water but should be replaced when the become to soiled.

All aquarium sponges should be cleaned in tank water as part of your normal weekly / monthly maintenance cycle.

Great buy for this filter is the Eheim External Filter Media Set 2215 2522150 

10% of your water should be changed at the same time and the gravel cleaned using a gravel vaccum. Remember to use a water conditioner when topping up your aquarium to prevent fish stress.


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