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Eheim (2616310) Coarse Pads Ecco 300 2036, 2236

Eheim (2616310) Coarse Pads Ecco 300 2036, 2236

Eheim External Filter Coarse Pads.

  • Fits the Ecco 300 2036 2236 External Filters.
  • 3 per Pack
  • Replace every 16 weeks
  • Removes Larger Particles
  • Large Surface area for Biological Development
  • Genuine Eheim Replacement Parts

To maintain a healthy and odour free fish tank, use in conjunction with Carbon Foam Pads 2628310 and Fine Foam Pads 2616315

Eheim coarse pads have two main functions in the filter. The first function is to trap solid waste without which your aquarium would never be clear and the second, even more important function, is acting as a home for nitrifying filtration bacteria which process the toxic Ammonia your fish produce as a dissolved waste product

We recommend only using genuine Eheim spare parts in their range of Filters.


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