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Eheim Compact+ 5000 Circulation Pump Powerhead

Eheim Compact+ 5000 Circulation Pump Powerhead

Eheim Compact + 5000 Pump

  • 1320-2000 L/H
  • 25/34mm Outlet
  • Low power comsumption - 70W.

Idea for moving larger volumes of water in bigger aquariums and marine systems.The successful compact pump range with a plus The plus stands for additional power and performance (up to 5000 l/h). And it stands for use in and out of water. These plus points mean that the pump is suitable for a variety of applications – for larger or smaller aquariums. The output can be adjusted as required. A replaceable coarse filter traps dirt particles. And also the quiet running, the low energy consumption as well as its suitability for fresh and salt water are important plus points.

There are 3 models with adjustable pump output up to 2000, 3000 and 5000 l/h. 

Benefits of the EHEIM compact+ pumps
• Compact powerful pumps
• For use in and out of water
• Including inlet connectors for use out of water
• Wide range of applications
• Adjustable pump output
• Very quiet
• Low energy consumption
• Replaceable coarse filter traps dirt particles
• Suitable for fresh and marine water
• Including practical clasp

Attachment Sleeves 2pcs 
Threaded Connector Suction Side 
Sealing Ring 2pcs 
Sealing Cover 
Suction Cup 4pcs 
Impeller 50hz 
Pump Housing+Sealing Ring+ 4 Screws 
Intake Screen With Sealing Cover 
Holding Bracket


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