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Eheim Ecco Pro 200 2034 2234 External Aquarium Filter

Eheim Ecco Pro 200 2034 2234 External Aquarium Filter

Eheim 2034 Ecco Pro 200 External Filter. Suitable for aquariums between 90 and 200 litres. Energy saving filter cheapest to run in its class.

  • Includes Media, Hoses and Taps
  • 3 year Guarantee
  • 500 Litres per Hour
  • 5 watt power
  • Height 355mm

This Eheim canister filter comes complete with media 2616320 and is simple to set up and operate. We recommend only using Genuine Eheim spare parts in their range of filters.

EHEIM ecco pro offers you an extraordinary combination of energy economy, performance and convenience. 

Only 8 Watt power consumption at a pump output of 750 L/hour.. That is simply extraordinary and also extraordinary is its characteristic multi-function handle – it combines three functions: carrying, opening/closing and priming. 

Added to this are rotatable shut-off taps, large volume self-priming, practical filter baskets and the extremely quiet running due to ceramic components.

Eheim 2034 Filter Manual


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