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Eheim Pro 3 2080/2180/1200XL Phosphateout 390g 2515051

Eheim Pro 3 2080/2180/1200XL Phosphateout 390g 2515051

Eheim Phosphate-out

  • 390g Box
  • Iron compound, free from harmful substances.
  • Use once (replace when the phosphate levels start to increase).
  • Suitable for fresh and marine water.
  • Genuine eheim products.

Eheim phosphate out is a special iron compound for chemical filtration. The iron binds the phosphate removing it from the water circulation and thus reducing in stages the phosphate levels in the aquarium. In this way algae growth in the aquarium is inhibited. If the phosphate levels and cosequently the growth of algae starts to increase this means that the filter medium is depleated and must be replaced. Eheim phosphate out is availiable for external filters in graulate form and for internal filters as a foam filter cartridge. It is free from harmful substances and suitable for both fresh and saltwater.


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