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Eheim Professional 3e 600T 2178 External Filter

Eheim Professional 3e 600T 2178 External Filter

Eheim Professional 3e 600T 2178 Termo External Filter.

  • Top Eheim quality product with easy priming. Suitable for Aquariums between 300 and 600 litres.Hoses and Taps Included, Quite in Operation and with 3 Year Gaurantee
  • 1850 litres per Hour / 12 Watts / 210 watt heating element / Height 534 x 264 x 264mm

At the touch of a button you can increase or decrease the output to the optimum level for your aquarium and the fish inside. You can set up two different flow rates within a day - like a day/night effect.  The filter monitors its own performance constantly. Irregularities are detected and shown in the LED display. At the same time a programme mode starts, which automatically attempts to solve the problem

This filter comes with pre filter sponge but no media. The full 2178 Eheim media kit is available to purchase at the same time as your filter to get you up and running quickly.

We recommend only using Genuine Eheim Spare Parts in their range of external filters.


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