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Eheim Surface Extractor 3535

Eheim Surface Extractor 3535

Eheim Surface Extractor 3535

  • Ensures a clear water surface, skims off oily film residue.
  • Constantly brings new layers of water to the surface.
  • Automatic valve control at the bottom inlet eg. in case the surface intake becomes blocked.
  • Shut off of surface outlet eg. for feeding.
  • Telescopic design for all aquariums.
  • Attachable to all external filters in place of the intake pipe.

The film residue is an unsightly film on the water surface of the aquarium Organic material like fats, proteins and waste matter gather here, forming a feeding ground for a host of unwanted microorganisms. The surface is, however, necessary for the essential oxygen exchange between the water and air. A film on the water surface reduces both the rate of diffusion and, on the other hand, the on-going biological surface processes also needed for extra oxygen. Light penetration will also be reduced and consequently plant growth as well as photosynthesis will be compromised.


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